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2DOPEBOYZ features Mike Posner & the Brain Trust:

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“DJ Benzi & Don Cannon present one of the best mixtapes of 2009 (so far, obviously). This shit definitely gets a Shake stamp of approval. Mike Posner and The Brain Trust do a great job on fusing pop/R&B/hip hop. Benzi on the mixing, Cannon on the hosting and guest spots from Big Sean, Donnis, Jackie Chain & Eric Holljes.”

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Mike Posner is interviewed on, one of the biggest mixtape download sites out there. Check out the interview by clicking here or just keep reading:

Mike Posner “One Man Band Man”

Tuesday April 14, 2009

Defsounds: So, What’s good with you, what’s going on?

Mike Posner: Well, for those that haven’t heard of me, in addition to being your favorite rapper’s favorite singer, I’m a junior at Duke University. I just got back to school from my show at SXSW, I’m in the studio working on another mixtape and my album, I fly to NYC for some meetings in a few weeks, doing a show with Big Sean and NERD then opening for Ben Folds April 22nd. Don’t worry Mom, I’m not going to fail out.

Def Sounds: You just dropped your mixtape ‘A Matter of Time’ on March 2nd, how did that project come about and how long did it take to complete?

Mike Posner: Well, it was actually Wale’s manager, Dan Weisman, that convinced me to do a mixtape even though I’m more of a pop artist. A couple of the songs I had completed in the summer, but I produced/recorded 90 percent of the the mixtape in about a three-four week stretch in January. Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and what it’s done for my career.

Mike Posner and keyboard

Def Sounds: Lets talk about your style a bit, as you said, you came into the game as more of a ‘pop’ artist, what would you consider to be your ‘Genre’ of music?

Mike Posner: Like I said before, it’s pop music that rappers, for whatever reason, really like. I usually say ‘Pop’ just because ‘Pop’ music can incorporate all genres. I forgot where I read this but someone wrote, “It’s music you can listen to by yourself in the car but still have your girl ask you what you’re listening to.”

Def Sounds: You kind of touched on this before, but your kind of like a one man band. You produce, you’re an artist, how does it help you or hurt you having the skills to do both?

Mike Posner: People don’t realize I was producing first. Labels will ask me, “who makes your beats?” and I always laugh. It’s me bitches! haha. But in all seriousness, being able to do both is liberating. It allows me to make the song sound exactly how I want it to. I never have to put my ideas through somebody else.

Def Sounds: Definitely. So who are some of your influences in music? You have a very different and rare style that appeals to all different kinds of music lovers alike? Who did you look up to and admire coming in to the game as an artist?

Mike Posner: Aw man, I listen to all types of different stuff. I think you can tell by the groups I choose to cover on the mixtape (ELO, The Fray, Beyonce, Gorilla Zoe). I listen to a lot of Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon, coming up I was biggest Nas head (I once drove like six hours to see dude). Oh and for the record, Young Jeezy IS one of my favorite rappers. No one ever believes me when I tell them that. I try to take these different sounds and make them into something that fans of each of those groups can fall in love with. I knew I was getting somewhere when my mom was feeling the same records as Don Cannon.

Def Sounds: You’ve done more than a few tracks with Kanye’s artist Big Sean, and have been featured on Kanye’s blog a few times. How did you get involved with them?

Mike Posner: Sean got his break when he rapped for Kanye at the 102.7 radio station in Detroit. He used to go on the air there. I was an intern at 102.7 and I ended up making beats for Sean. Anyone who has met Sean will tell you he’s one of the coolest dudes in the game and I’m happy I can call him one of my best friends. Plus, we make that crack together, haha!

Def Sounds: Definitely, that ‘Who Knows’ track is one of the hottest tracks Ive heard in a while. So you are one of the few artists that I know that is still in school, how do you manage to juggle being an artist AND being a full time student at Duke?

Mike Posner: Thanks man. Well, let’s just say my bed doesn’t see too much of me. I usually knock out some homework during the day, take a nap, wake up at around midnight and record into the night. My professors and classmates are all kind of rooting for me so they help me stay caught up and are understanding when I have to miss a class for a show or a meeting in another city. It’s like boot camp. Imagine when I’m putting all my energy into my music.

Def Sounds: So with that said, what are your plans after graduation? Where do you see yourself in the game a few years from now? Where do you hope to be or hope to accomplish?

Mike Posner: I hope to still be putting whites, blacks, boys, girls, poor people, and rich people in the same room, singing the same song. I just see it being a much bigger room.

Def Sounds: Thats whats up. Enough about the future though, what can we expect from you over the next few months? Especially now that your starting to get a buzz of your first mixtape, how do you plan on maintaing that?

Mike Posner: Well, the labels are hitting me up but I’m focused on recording another mixtape and my album. You’ll definitely be hearing some new music from me this summer and I’m tenatively planning to drop the next tape in September. It will be a back to school present for all the cool kids, haha!

Def Sounds: We will definately be on the lookout for you in ’09. Mike Posner, appreciate you giving us and the Defsounds community your time and letting us get to know more about yourself. Any last shout outs or plugs?

Mike Posner: Thank you! If you haven’t already, you can download my mixtape for FREE on iTunes by clicking here: or here and hit me up on Myspace here: I run it personally so I might take a minute to hit you back if you message me but I get to everyone. - The authority in free mixtapes.

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